In “Face to Face with God” (part of the series Essential Studies in Biblical Theology), T. Desmond Alexander offers readers a profound exploration of the biblical theology surrounding Christ’s role as Priest and Mediator. Edited by Benjamin L. Gladd, this work delves into the intricate tapestry of Scripture, unraveling the significance of Christ’s priestly and mediatorial functions. The depth of Alexander’s scholarship and the clarity with which he communicates complex theological concepts make this volume an invaluable resource for pastors and students of theology.

Alexander meticulously guides readers through the Old and New Testaments, tracing the development of the priestly and mediatorial themes. His exposition of key passages is enlightening, providing rich insights that deepen our understanding of Christ’s redemptive work. One cannot help but appreciate the careful attention given to biblical context, historical background, and linguistic nuances.

The author’s commitment to biblical fidelity is evident throughout the book. On page 112, when discussing the priestly role of Christ in Hebrews, Alexander asserts, “The writer of Hebrews consistently points to the superiority of Christ’s priesthood, emphasizing its permanence and efficacy.” This statement encapsulates the central theme of the book and reflects the author’s exegetical precision.

One of the strengths of “Face to Face with God” is its accessibility. Alexander avoids unnecessary jargon, making complex theological concepts understandable without compromising depth. On page 76, he explains, “Christ’s mediation is not a distant, abstract concept but a personal, intimate reality.” This ability to distill profound truths into clear, concise language makes the book suitable for a broad readership.

The comprehensive nature of the work ensures that readers gain a holistic understanding of Christ’s priestly and mediatorial roles. The meticulous attention to detail, as seen on page 189 in the discussion on Christ as the Mediator of the New Covenant, demonstrates Alexander’s commitment to presenting a thorough and well-rounded exploration of the topic.

Furthermore, Alexander’s engagement with relevant scholarship adds weight to his arguments. On page 234, he engages with recent research on the high priestly prayer in John 17, enhancing the book’s academic rigor. This interaction with contemporary scholarship contributes to the ongoing theological conversation surrounding Christology and soteriology.

In conclusion, “Face to Face with God” stands as a significant contribution to biblical theology, specifically in its treatment of Christ as Priest and Mediator. T. Desmond Alexander’s expertise, coupled with Benjamin L. Gladd’s editorial oversight, results in a work that is both scholarly and accessible. Pastors, theologians, and students alike will find this volume to be a valuable resource for understanding the biblical foundations of Christ’s priestly and mediatorial ministry.

Statement of Compliance: I want to make it clear that this review is based on my genuine assessment of “Face to Face with God: A Biblical Theology of Christ as Priest and Mediator” by T. Desmond Alexander, published by IVP. I have not received any compensation or inducements for providing a positive review. My opinions are entirely my own and reflect my sincere evaluation of the book.

Book Information:

Title: Face to Face with God: A Biblical Theology of Christ as Priest and Mediator (Essential Studies In Biblical Theology)

Author: T. Desmond Alexander

Edited by Benjamin L. Gladd Publisher: IVP