Thomas Goodwin’s “The Heart of Christ,” published by Banner of Truth Trust, is a timeless gem that delves deep into the compassionate nature of our Savior. Goodwin’s astute theological insights resonate powerfully with anyone seeking a greater understanding of Christ’s heart.

One of the book’s remarkable aspects is its ability to unveil Christ’s heart through the lens of scripture. Goodwin masterfully weaves passages together, shedding light on the multifaceted dimensions of Christ’s love. As he writes, “Christ knows what belongs to his love… all his love is without the least mixture of anything else” (p. 45). This profound perspective offers a fresh glimpse into the purity of Christ’s affection for His people.

Throughout the book, Goodwin emphasizes Christ’s empathy and understanding, reminding us that “Christ…is able to weep with them that weep” (p. 62). This sentiment underscores Christ’s intimate connection with our human experiences, providing immense comfort to those who find solace in His companionship.

The pages of “The Heart of Christ” resonate with Goodwin’s heartfelt plea for believers to draw near to Christ, recognizing the depth of His compassion. “Christ has a depth of love, and depth of bowels,” he writes (p. 78), inviting readers to explore the inexhaustible richness of Christ’s love.

In a world often characterized by fleeting relationships, “The Heart of Christ” stands as a beacon of unchanging devotion. Goodwin’s insights evoke a profound yearning for a more intimate walk with Christ, as he declares, “This Christ does so highly value your love, and so greatly prize it” (p. 92).

In conclusion, Thomas Goodwin’s “The Heart of Christ” provides a refreshing perspective on Christ’s love that is relevant for believers across generations. Its scriptural depth, combined with Goodwin’s theological acumen, offers readers a transformative journey into the heart of our Savior.

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Title: The Heart of Christ
Author: Thomas Goodwin
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust