As a Reformed pastor deeply committed to studying the Word of God and exploring the theological treasures of our faith, I was enthralled by John Calvin’s Sermons on Genesis 1-11, published by the Banner of Truth Trust. This collection of sermons beautifully captures Calvin’s exegetical prowess and pastoral heart, offering readers a rich understanding of the foundational chapters of the Bible.

Calvin’s exposition of Genesis 1-11 reveals his unwavering commitment to the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. In his sermon on Genesis 1:1, he writes, “By this word [in the beginning], the holy man (Moses) shows us that God, when he created the world, had no helper.” Calvin’s emphasis on God as the sole Creator underscores the significance of acknowledging God’s supremacy.

In his sermon on Genesis 3:15, Calvin’s insightful analysis shines through: “God does not speak in vain when he says, ‘I will put enmity between you and the woman.’…This is a general principle…that Satan can never be reconciled to God, because he is the eternal enemy of God and of all his creatures.” This exposition highlights Calvin’s depth of theological thought and his ability to draw practical lessons from even the most complex passages.

Calvin’s pastoral heart is evident as he discusses the consequences of the Fall. In his sermon on Genesis 3:21, he writes, “But God wanted to show that he was not totally rejecting us from his mercy. In the midst of the curse there is still a seed of his favor.” Calvin’s focus on God’s grace amid judgment provides solace and hope to believers grappling with the implications of sin.

The Banner of Truth Trust has done a commendable job in presenting these sermons with careful attention to preserving Calvin’s original insights. The footnotes and annotations further enrich the reading experience, providing historical context and references to Calvin’s other works.

In conclusion, John Calvin’s Sermons on Genesis 1-11 is an invaluable resource for Reformed pastors, theologians, and all believers seeking a deeper understanding of the foundations of our faith. Calvin’s meticulous exegesis, combined with his pastoral warmth, makes this collection a treasure trove of wisdom and spiritual insight.

Page after page, readers will find themselves captivated by Calvin’s reverence for God’s Word and his ability to draw profound truths from these ancient texts. This book is not merely an academic exercise but a spiritual journey that will edify and inspire all who engage with it.