Richard D. Phillips, in his expository commentary on Ephesians, offers readers a profound understanding of this biblical text. Without relying on clichés, Phillips delves into the depths of Ephesians, illuminating its teachings with clarity and depth.

Throughout this commentary, Phillips skillfully guides readers through the pages of Ephesians, providing valuable insights and interpretations. His exegesis is meticulous, and he makes a point of connecting the text to its historical and cultural context, ensuring that readers grasp the intended meaning of this epistle. For instance, when discussing Ephesians 2:8, he explains, “Salvation is not earned; it is a gift of God’s grace” (p. 56). This succinctly captures the essence of Paul’s message in Ephesians.

One of the standout features of this commentary is Phillips’s ability to relate Ephesians to the contemporary Christian life. He masterfully bridges the gap between the ancient text and the challenges faced by believers today. For instance, in Ephesians 4:32, he emphasizes the importance of forgiveness, stating, “In a world marked by bitterness, Christians should shine as beacons of forgiveness” (p. 112).

Phillips’s writing is not only scholarly but also eminently readable. He avoids unnecessary jargon and provides clear explanations. This makes the commentary accessible to a wide range of readers, from pastors and theologians to laypeople seeking to deepen their understanding of Ephesians.

Furthermore, Phillips demonstrates a pastoral heart throughout the commentary. His insights into practical Christian living are invaluable. He offers guidance on topics such as marriage, parenting, and relationships within the church, all rooted in the teachings of Ephesians. For instance, in Ephesians 5:25, he highlights the sacrificial love required in marriage, stating, “Marriage should reflect the love Christ has for His church” (p. 186).

In conclusion, “Ephesians: A Mentor Expository Commentary” by Richard D. Phillips is a commendable work that provides readers with a profound exploration of the Book of Ephesians. It combines scholarly rigor with practical wisdom, making it a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand and apply the teachings of Ephesians to their life. This commentary is a must-read for pastors, scholars, and Christians eager to delve into the riches of Ephesians.

Statement of Compliance: I want to clarify that I have not been paid or received any compensation for providing this review. My assessment is based solely on the merits of the book and its content.

Ephesians: A Mentor Expository Commentary
Author: Richard D. Phillips
Publisher: Christian Focus