John Calvin’s Sermons on Genesis 12-22, published by Banner of Truth Trust, offers an insightful exploration of these foundational chapters from a Reformed perspective. Calvin’s exposition of Abraham’s life is nothing short of remarkable, and his teachings continue to resonate with the modern reader.

Calvin’s commentary reflects his deep theological insight and his commitment to the authority of Scripture. In Sermon 18, he eloquently states, “The calling of Abraham signifies that God separated him from the common herd, to choose him as His own inheritance.” This quote underscores Calvin’s belief in God’s sovereign election and sets the tone for his analysis of Abraham’s unique relationship with God.

Throughout the sermons, Calvin masterfully connects Old Testament narratives to New Testament truths. His analysis of Abraham’s faith in Sermon 23 is particularly enlightening: “Faith alone reconciles us to God, and faith alone is the means by which we obtain salvation.” This demonstrates Calvin’s emphasis on salvation through faith alone, a cornerstone of Reformed theology.

Calvin’s insights are equally applicable to our contemporary context. In Sermon 15, he notes, “We must not measure the favor of God by the amount of blessings He showers upon us.” This message challenges our materialistic mindset and encourages a focus on the eternal rather than the temporal.

In conclusion, John Calvin’s Sermons on Genesis 12-22 is a thought-provoking journey through the life of Abraham. Its timeless theological insights and practical applications make it a valuable resource for believers seeking to deepen their understanding of God’s Word. Banner of Truth Trust has once again provided the Christian community with a treasured work that continues to shape our understanding of the Bible.

It’s important to note that my review is unsolicited and unpaid. My aim is to offer an honest assessment of this work, unswayed by any compensation.

**Book Information:**
– Title: Sermons on Genesis 12-22
– Author: John Calvin
– Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust