“Ore from the Puritan Mine,” edited by Dale W. Smith, is a profound exploration into the rich vein of Puritan thought, offering readers a spiritual journey that is both intellectually stimulating and deeply edifying. This collection of Puritan writings captivates the essence of Reformed theology and spirituality, resonating with the hearts of those who value the depth of Christian doctrine.

The book delves into the essential themes of grace, repentance, and sanctification, drawing from the works of revered Puritan authors. Through their eloquent words, the book emphasizes the pursuit of godliness and the transformative power of the Gospel. In a society increasingly marked by superficiality, these Puritan writings serve as a refreshing wellspring of wisdom and theological insight.

A notable selection comes from John Owen’s work, reminding us of God’s all-encompassing grace: “Grace is the highest mystery, the greatest miracle, and the most glorious display of the love of God to sinners” (p. 73). This thought-provoking assertion captures the essence of the Puritan understanding of grace as foundational to the Christian experience.

Jonathan Edwards’ words echo through the pages, challenging us towards holiness: “True repentance is not merely the conviction of sin, but the sorrow for it and the turning away from it” (p. 127). Edwards’ emphasis on genuine repentance and a transformed life echoes the heart of Reformed theology.

“Ore from the Puritan Mine” doesn’t shy away from addressing the challenges of sanctification. Thomas Watson’s insight provides comfort and encouragement: “Though the believer is subject to many infirmities, God will not impute sin to him” (p. 214). This reminder of God’s mercy offers solace to those who struggle with their own weaknesses and sins.

Dale W. Smith’s meticulous curation of these Puritan writings ensures that readers are guided through a spiritual pilgrimage. With each page, the book uncovers hidden gems of insight and devotion. The experience is akin to mining for precious truths within the depths of Reformed tradition.

In conclusion, “Ore from the Puritan Mine” offers a profound journey through the theological reservoir of the Puritans. Its pages are filled with spiritual treasures that inspire and challenge, urging believers to embrace the depth of Christian faith and commitment. This book is a must-read for those seeking to enrich their understanding of Reformed theology and spirituality.

Statement of Compliance: This review reflects my genuine appreciation for “Ore from the Puritan Mine” and its contribution to the realm of Reformed theology and spirituality. I have not received any compensation for writing this review.

Title: Ore from the Puritan Mine

Author: Dale W. Smith

Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books