“Sermons of George Whitefield” edited by Lee Gatiss is a profound collection that delves into the timeless messages of the renowned evangelist George Whitefield. Gatiss has meticulously curated a selection of Whitefield’s sermons, capturing the essence of his passionate and impactful preaching. This book offers readers a unique glimpse into the heart of the Great Awakening and the spiritual fervor that marked that era.

One of the standout sermons is “The Method of Grace,” where Whitefield fervently expounds on the divine transformation that occurs through the grace of God. On page 73, he ardently proclaims, “Grace alone can melt a stony heart.” This sentiment encapsulates Whitefield’s conviction that God’s grace is the catalyst for inner change.

Another notable sermon is “The Seed of the Woman, and the Seed of the Serpent,” found on page 109. In this sermon, Whitefield masterfully contrasts the spiritual lineage of those aligned with Christ against those aligned with the devil. He writes, “They are of their father the devil, and the lusts of their father they will do.” The power of Whitefield’s words lies in his ability to emphasize the eternal significance of one’s spiritual heritage.

Throughout the book, Whitefield’s emphasis on regeneration and salvation rings loud and clear. His sermon “Regeneration” (page 167) powerfully conveys that salvation is not a mere intellectual assent, but a divine work within the heart. “Ye must be born again,” he declares, underscoring the necessity of spiritual rebirth.

Lee Gatiss’s editing ensures that the sermons remain true to Whitefield’s original language while making them accessible to contemporary readers. Gatiss’s insightful introductions provide historical context and illuminate the significance of each sermon.

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Book Details:
Title: Sermons of George Whitefield
Author: George Whitefield
Publisher: Crossway